Kitchen Stories is a Full-stack Food Services brand, owned by Sunlit Food Solutions LLP (SFSL). SFSL was incorporated in June 2020 and Kitchen stories (KS) is the brand that will be its Food delivery and Takeaway Brand. It has tied up for Cloud Kitchen (CK) services with Olde Bangalore (OB), a very well-known brand in Bangalore for the quality of its food and the strength of its Environmental, Social and Governance practices.

From sourcing food locally to helping farmers become efficient; from using the finest ingredients to making the tastiest dishes; from on-the-app multi-cuisine ordering to diet-and-need subscriptions; from do-it-yourself food-kits to celebration menus, KS has almost the entire gamut of food needs covered. To top it all, it uses own, permanent staff in the entire delivery chain – from growing/sourcing ingredients to production, transportation and delivery – thus, ensuring safety and hygiene for its customers by eyeball contact at every inch.

A mixture of self-owned and franchise stores and OB-operated cloud-kitchens is the path currently chosen to scale up to at least 100 Retail Units (RUs) by May 2025. The RUs and CKs together are expected to produce 100 self-employed entrepreneurs and over 1000 jobs. Two RUs have already been commissioned in North Bangalore and Revenue has commenced. The target for Year 1 is to establish 7 RUs and an additional cloud-kitchen.

SFSL has already achieved the important milestone of attracting the best product-delivery talent as collaborators right at the start.