1. What is the Kitchen Stories Customer Care Number?



2. Is Kitchen Stories also an aggregator of restaurants like Swiggy / Zomato / FHRAI / Amazon?

No. We run self-owned-and-operated Multi-cuisine Cloud Kitchens, Bakeries, Retails Units and Delivery Teams to ensure safety, quality, consistency and accountability in the entire supply-chain.


3. How do I provide any feedback?

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. You can write to us on feedback@oldebangalore.com. Alternately, just text FEEDBACK on 9663332255 and we will call you back.


4. Is Kitchen Stories only a Food Delivery Platform.

No. There are many other services:

  1. Sunlit Food Solutions is a FULL-STACK FOOD SOLUTIONS COMPANY, which means you can engage with us for regular delivery of groceries, breads, cakes and savouries, fresh supplies of vegetables and meat, sanitation and housekeeping supplies, etc.
  2. You can also ‘Takeaway’ your order from our Retail Units and save 5%.
  3. You can also avail of ayurvedic consultations with our experts and have specific diets and treatments delivered on a subscription basis.
  4. We also take bulk orders for deferred delivery.
  5. As a ‘subscriber’, you will also get 5% OFF on the MRP of products ordered from Kitchen Staples. As 100s of others have discovered, we could become a single contact-point for all your Kitchen Needs through our 2 brands – Kitchen Stories and Kitchen Staples.
  6. You can talk to us! To know more, please WhatsApp / Text ‘SUBSCRIBER’ to 9663332255 and we’ll call you.


5. Can I edit my order?

Yes. For any one item (WhatsApp/sms to 9663332255) - within15 minutes of placing the order.


6. Can I cancel my order?

Yes. Subject to following conditions:

  1.  If your order is ‘Pending’: 100% of your money will be refunded in up to 6 working days.
  2.  If your order has been ‘Accepted’: 10% of the money paid will be deducted and the balance refunded in up to 6 working days.
  3.  If your order has been ‘Despatched’: 50% of the money paid will be deducted and the balance refunded in up to 6 working days.


7. Will Kitchen Stories be accountable for quality/quantity?

Always. We are not an aggregator of restaurants – so, we are responsible for the entire supply-chain, from cooking, through transit to delivery.


8. Is there a minimum order value?

Yes. Different menus have their own Minimum Order Values, starting at Rs.350/-. It is shown along with the icon for the menu.


9. Do you charge for delivery?

In most cases, we don’t. However, we do levy a small delivery charge based on ‘Time and Distance’ for the 1-day Prior Menu, which has an upper range of Rs.200/- for orders between Rs.1000/- and 5000/-. Beyond Rs.5000/-, this is also free of delivery charge.


10. How long do you take to deliver?

Being a premium service, our general delivery time for the ‘Fatafat Menu’ is 1 hour. All other menus are ‘pre-order’ and will be delivered at the time scheduled by you.


11. What are your delivery hours?

Deliveries are scheduled between 11am and 9pm, as of now.


12. Can I order from any location?

Depending on the type of menu, you may order from various locations in Bangalore. Once you key in your location on the App, the menus you can access will be shown. The 1-Day Prior, Celebrations and Subscription Menus are available across Bangalore.


13. Do you support bulk orders?

Yes. Our 1-Day Prior and Celebrations Menus are meant for bulk-orders to make your gathering a success. However, you may also order in bulk from the ‘Fatafat Menu’ with 3 hours’ notice for impromptu / planned office / home get-togethers / meetings.


14. Can I order in advance?

Yes. From any menu.


15. Can I change the address / number?



16. Is there a Kitchen Stories Rewards Program?

Yes. The Rewards Program automatically kicks in once you are registered on our App and orders are placed via the App.


17. Does one need to download the App?

No. As a WebApp, one can just ‘add it to home-screen’. Uses minimal space on your phone.


18. Are the Rewards Points fully redeemable?

Yes. 100% of the points are redeemable against a single order, to the extent of the order. There is no money-back option, though.


19. How are the Rewards Points monetised for redemption?

1 Point = 1 rupee, generally, and Rs.50/- of purchase = 1 point. But we may have festival offers or milestone bonuses that make this even more attractive.


20. In what ways can the Rewards Points be redeemed?

As a full-stack food solutions company, you can redeem reward points in a multitude of ways:

  1. Against orders from the Kitchen Stories App (for ready-to-eat food)
  2. Against orders from the Kitchen Staples App (for groceries, cleaning supplies, etc.)
  3. Against our Subscription Menus
  4. Against world-class Culinary Workshops conducted by our expert Chefs at the Olde Bangalore Resort (www.oldebangalore.com)
  5. Against Day Packages / Wellness Stays at the Olde Bangalore Resort
  6. Against Diet Consultations / Treatment with our Ayurvedic Partner, Itoozhi Ayurveda (www.itoozhiayurveda.com) – co-located at Olde Bangalore


21. Do you have Wallet Services?

Yes. To make payments, subscriptions, gifting and cancellations easier.


22. Unable to view the details in my profile.

No problem. Please check if you have the latest update for the app. Else, give us a call on 9663332255.


23. I want an invoice for my order.

Sure. Please call us on 9663332255.